Monday, September 10, 2007

Britney Spears: Gimme More VMA 2007 Live

Sunday, September 9, 2007

Britney Spears poor perfomance on MTV's VMA

Comeback appearance? Or embarrassment? Britney Spears' opening for the MTV Video Music Awards was supposed to be the former, but it seemed more like the latter. Not only was her performance poor, but she looked really out of shape. Take a look at her tonight (left) and in 2001 (her heyday, of course). On the right she look sexy and hard-bodied, and while many would love to have her current body, it's just not the same.

And back to the performance - she lip-synched (obviously) to her new single "Gimme More," and while I really wanted to see her do well, to start getting her life and career back together, I saw no energy in her performance.

It seemed like she was either bored, or quite honestly, drugged. The audience seemed just as isinterested in the performance as she was.

Comeback, no way. I hope she doesn't fall off the deep end when she reads some reviews.


Paris Hilton Sexy Video

Britney Spears opens MTV's VMA 2007


Brit will perform her new song, ‘Gimme More’ - with a little help from illusionist Criss Angel.

MTV News can now confirm what may well be one of the worst-kept VMA secrets of all time: On Sunday night, Spears will grace the VMA stage, nestled within the Palms Casino Resorts’ Pearl Concert Theater, to perform “Gimme More,” the first single from her forthcoming fifth album, which is slated for a November 13 release. The The yet-untitled effort will be her first studio LP in four years, following 2003’s In the Zone.

Perhaps in homage to the glittery magic of Las Vegas, Spears consulted with illusionist Criss Angel, star of A&E’s “Mindfreak,” on “some of the moments of the performance,” said Jesse Ignjatovic, the executive producer of this year’s VMAs. Spears has been spotted around Sin City in recent weeks with Angel at her side, and there is unsubstantiated speculation that the two are romantically involved.

Ignjatovic said it was important to secure Spears for the big show’s opening number.

“I guess, looking back, we’ve had a great history with her,” he said. “Some of the biggest TV performances [of her career] have been at the VMAs. And fortunately, [when we approached her about performing], she was into it and excited to do it. I wanted her to come on and make a statement right from the very beginning of the show. And she’ll kill it. I wanted to start the show in a very big and dramatic way, and she’s the one to do that. She’ll captivate everyone, and set the tone for the rest of the night. There’s no one better.”

As for what we can expect from Ms. Spears, Ignjatovic wouldn’t give up the goods, but promised fans would be thrilled. “You can expect the things we want and expect from Britney - that will all be there,” he said. “What I’ve seen of it is great. She’ll be dancing, performing, doing her thing. That’s exactly what we all want. Fans that are familiar with her performance on previous VMAs will not be disappointed.”

Catch all the star-packed VMA action direct from Las Vegas on Sunday. MTV News’ preshow kicks things off live at 8 p.m. ET, followed by the big show at 9 p.m.


Jessica Simpson sexy in pink dress


After multiple engagements the night before, an on-the-go Jessica Simpson gives a colorful parting shot as she hits the streets of New York City Thursday morning.


Vanessa Hudgens in sexy tiny bikini

Vanessa Anne Hudgens vacationing in Hawaii sporting a tiny sexy bikini with her "High School Musical" co-star boyfriend Zac Efron just before the hot naked pictures of her hit the internet.

I think this whole naked pictures scandal just going to help her actress career, Hollywood love exhibitionist and the younger the better.

Source: The Gutter Post

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Paris Hilton pictures in German Magazine

There is a little slip-up of Paris' bits in one of the pictures...figure out which one it is under here!

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